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How to Use a Candle Warmer – Part 1


Using a candle warmer to heat wax and spread fragrance throughout your home is an easy and safe alternative to burning candles. It simply takes choosing the correct wax warmer for you and the proper wax to melt.

Original Candle WarmerPlate Candle Warmer:

Plate warmers are an affordable any easy way to heat candle wax. We carry two types of plate wax warmers: Original Candle Warmer: This is a basic plate candle warmer which is simply a heating plate to set jar candles. Simply plug it in and turn on the dial switch. A light on the front will notify you if the warmer is currently on. You will notice that it will become warm to the touch in only a few seconds.


Auto Shutoff Candle WarmerAuto Shutoff Candle Warmer:

This wax warmer is also a plate warmer but also adds the security of turning off after 8 hours. This adds additional safety in case it is not turned off manually. This warmer also has a dial switch and a light to designate it is on. This warmer will also begin warming in a very short time. The auto shutoff warmer will turn off after 8 hours of use. If you would like to use it for a longer period, simply turn the switch back on after it shuts off.

The proper type of candle to use with a plate warmer is a jar candle. Using wax melts on a plate warmer will cause the wax to melt onto the plate and cause damage to the unit. Lower melting point candles such as soy or beeswax will also melt easier than paraffin wax candles.

Dish Candle WarmerDish Candle Warmers:

Dish warmers are versatile as they can be used for jar candles as well as wax melts, beads or fragrance oils. To use it as a jar warmer, simply plug in the unit and place the jar candle on its base, much like the plate warmer. The dish would not be used in this scenario. To use the wax warmer to melt wax tarts of heat oil, then place the included dish on top of the plate and it will heat the wax inside it. Jar candles in beeswax or soy wax are also recommended for dish warmers. Soy wax cubes, or fragrance oils can be heated in the dish.


Illuminated Candle WarmerIlluminated Candle Warmers:

Candle warmers that utilize a light bulb can spread the desired fragrance throughout your home, and can also add the glow of a candle without the flame. Plug in the electric candle warmer and place the dish over the light bulb. In a few seconds, the dish will begin to warm. You can heat wax melts, fragrance oils or beads in illuminated wax warmers. If the bulb needs replacing, see our guide to help you determine which bulb will fit your warmer.

Never place a higher wattage bulb into an illuminated candle warmer or lamp in order to make it hotter and melt paraffin candles. If the wax in our warmer is not melting, switch to a lower melting wax such as soy.

We hope this article was a helpful tool in learning how to use a candle warmer. If you are looking for instructions and details regarding a lamp candle warmer, crock candle warmer or plugin candle warmer, look for part 2 of this resource coming out soon! (See our entire selection of candle warmers.)

Tracy @ j&c

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