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10 Morning Routines Successful People like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss Do Everyday

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Pracrtice Breathing

Wash, rinse, repeat, be successful. That’s a great recipe for both clean hair and creating successful people. What does that even mean? Simple, routines help us accomplish more. You want clean hair? You follow those steps each time and get a positive result. You want to be successful? Then make a routine. To be even more successful, execute that routine in the morning. By starting out the right way you create and fuel success from start to finish each and every day.

Who do Routines Work for?

A routine is something you do without fail to get a result. To find an example of positive routines that work for successful people, let’s take a look at two very prosperous individuals you have most likely heard of.

Our first example is Tony Robbins.

What does this effective life success coach do each morning?

He takes a cold shower.

Practices breathing exercises.

Meditates with thoughts of gratitude and envisions his future.

Primes himself up to have a successful day.

And self-help guru and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferris Routine
Tim Ferriss Routine
  1. He makes his bed
  2. Meditates to Tara Brach Smile guided meditation
  3. Exercises
  4. Practices gratitude
  5. Drinks tea
  6. Journals

What these successful people do each morning may seem like little things that really don’t add up to much at first glance. So how do a whole lot of small things equal great accomplishments? So glad you asked.

The Magic of It All

As Aristotle said, “the whole is greater than sum of its parts” and that is what routine is all about. When Aristotle said these words he meant the little parts equal something of great magnitude, well beyond the worth of the little pieces on their own. When you do little things, like meditating or making your bed in the morning, like Robbins and Ferris do, you are implementing routines that can prime you for maximum productivity each day. Having order and organization is a vital need, and this is exactly what a routine offers.

Be a Routine Warrior!

Set a Routine for Success
Set a Routine for Success

Those that constantly excel and are go-getters seek out and establish routines that work for them and then stick to them. So the key is to find those little parts that equal your greater whole because they work FOR YOU.

Here are 10 examples of little things that make successful routines and in turn create a successful you.

1. Create time in the morning:

This can actually begin the night before and is the essential key to creating a routine. We’ve all heard to old adage…early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise. Yeah you remember, and it’s true. Being rested and having time to think through day allows us to use our minds when they are fresh and full of creativity. If you start your day just 20 minutes earlier, you create a less stressful morning. Doing this keeps your mind and body calm, and will without a doubt, make the rest of your day better and more fruitful. Also by getting earlier, you allow yourself time to incorporate the rest of the little parts of your routine. If you aren’t into getting up earlier, then look at your work schedule. Can you push your workday start time back by a half an hour? If so, then you have created more time for your morning routine. There’s no right or wrong way to make a routine work for you. As long as you create the time in the morning, then you have accomplished the most essential part to creating a routine and successful day.

2. Make your Bed:

Make Your Bed
Make Your Bed

Besides making your mom extremely happy, by making your bed each morning you have already accomplished something. This sense of accomplishment leads to wanting to accomplish and actually executing, more tasks, putting you on a roll of supreme success output. Plus, when you return home for the day, even if the rest of the world is out of control, your bed is still made, still in order, and ready for you. So, making your bed actually, begins and ends your day with success. A two for one isn’t that a heck of a deal.

3. Meditate:

Yeah right, maybe that’s what you’re thinking. But do you really think both Tony and Tim, two very successful individuals, are both wrong? Meditating isn’t religious, nor is it sitting high on some mountain top, with your legs crossed, chanting ohm over and over again.

Meditation can be simple. Just taking the first 5 minutes before you rise from your bed to focus and become aware of yourself is enough. Take in a few deep breaths, concentrate, and feel them move through your body.
In meditation, the mind is uncluttered, calm, and focused. Mediation is not sleeping, but full alertness with true unadulterated focus. It’s when your mind truly becomes still and silent. When you return from your meditative state, your mind and body are ready to begin with fresh new invigorated ambition for the day and ready to accomplish great feats. Mediation has many benefits from improving mood, reducing inflammation, increasing the brain’s ability to process information more efficiently, and even help reduce pain. All these can improve your day and life, equaling a more successful you!

4. Breathing

Pracrtice Breathing
Practice Breathing

I believe breathing is power. If you can breathe and control it, you can lead your body and mind to push through anything. Breathing is part of meditation and helps you focus. When you meditate you also are practicing purposeful breath. Learning to breathe when not under stress, teaches you to use your breath to calm yourself and to maneuver your way through stressful moments. Simply put, if you can breathe through it, you can think through it, and therefore you can work through it.

5. Soak up the Sun

By allowing time in the morning to see and feel the morning sun you allow your body to wake more naturally. This will reduce cortisol levels and bump serotonin and melatonin production. This will make you happier and sleep better the following evening. Once again, a good morning equals a good day and a good night. If the weather is pleasant you can go outside to do this and enjoy listening to the birds or the wind in the trees. This can also be how you meditate. If the weather isn’t something you want to venture out into, or perhaps you have a little one sleeping that you need to mind to, just sit by the window and feel the sun’s energy that way.

6. Journaling

Many swear that by taking the time to write down your early morning thoughts you allow your mind to begin and stay more creative. Journaling allows us to focus inwardly, much like meditation. This can also make us feel more at ease by organizing our thoughts, which helps us organize our day too. It’s much like the sense of accomplishment of tidying up the kitchen (which can be part of your morning routine too) in order to productively work in it to create something masterful.

7. Be Positive – Out Loud

Several years ago I received a fortune cookie with the fortune inside that read “You love life very much”, which I taped to my computer monitor and still read aloud every morning. While this may not seemingly be infused with abundant wisdom or telling all my future has to hold, it actually is indeed both profound and a predictor of my future. By simply reading that modest statement out loud to myself, I affirm my life is good and things are going to go my way. By affirming each day in an audible voice what you want, and what is positive, makes it so.

Create the happiness you want.

You are the creator of your own destiny. You want to be positive and successful, affirm that you are and you will be. It’s the idea that believing is achieving. Every day I say, out loud, “I love life very much”, and you know what, I do. I make my life something I love and that makes all the difference in the world. Another benefit of telling ourselves what’s good, positive, and what we want to achieve every day can boost our feel-good hormones and create new happy thought neurons. So positivity creates happiness in our brains and bodies. Isn’t that a cheerful thought

8. Get some exercise

Exercising in the morning increases blood flow, releases endorphins, and strengthens your body. It prepares you for the coming day, increases your overall energy levels, and helps you remain in optimal health. To reap the benefits of early morning exercise you don’t have to perform your full workout. A quick yoga routine, a walk around the block with the dog, or some quick push-ups, pull-ups, or squats gets the blood flowing and gets the mind moving. Plus, if you find you can work out outside, you will also reap the benefits of seeing and feeling the sun.

9. Eat a proper breakfast if it works for you

Eat a Proper Breakfast
Eat a Proper Breakfast

Nearly every morning Tony Robbins eats salad and fish. Perhaps an odd breakfast, but it’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals and important macronutrients. Plus it isn’t loaded with sugar or other things that will have him mentally crashing in an hour. He believes fueling the brain to take on the day is a must to fueling success. I’m not much of breakfast eater myself because my stomach isn’t ready to digest a whole lot early in the morning. However, I do often add some hydrolyzed collagen to my coffee or take a scoop of coconut oil before I head out the door. We’re all different, so just see what works for you when it comes to eating breakfast. Just be sure that if you do choose to eat breakfast it didn’t come from the supermarkets sugar, um, I mean breakfast aisle. This will do you no good, and in fact can move you in the opposite direction of success.

10. Take a cold shower

Wait, did I just hear a mass screaming of “NOOOOOO!”? Yeah, I feel you on this one. The last thing I want to do in the morning is pop myself into freezing cold water. However, before you discount this idea completely, note there are some very real benefits to this one. Taking a cold shower, or jumping in a cold pool or lake if you have one nearby, can increase blood flow, burn away unhealthy fat, and release dopamine into the body. Simply put, you are kick starting your body. You will be truly invigorated, alert, and come out of that water ready to be a success ninja!

Tony Robbins swears by this and plunges into 57° water every morning. He’s convinced that it’s essential for maximum productivity and that it wakes every cell up.

The cold heightens your senses and readies you to take on whatever comes your way. Don’t believe me? Try it, at least once. If you need to start small, try just splashing icy water on your face. Next, move to allowing your shower to end with a cold water blast, to eventually an all-out frosty morning cascade. Baby steps my friends, baby steps.

Bonus tip #11 which is the most important

11. Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude
Practice Gratitude

You have heard the term, “save the best for last”. With this one here, I did just that. If you choose not to do any of the other 9 items listed above, do this one thing. Being grateful is the most powerful way to change your life. It can improve your mood, satisfaction with life, and help you to focus on what really matters. Knowing what’s important helps to know what to work towards, and helps us be successful.

For those that practice yoga you are aware of the tree pose. This pose is a gratitude pose. As you hold the pose on one side and grow your tree, you offer gratitude for something and/or someone in your life. Then as you hold the pose on the other side and grow your tree again, you offer gratitude for something about yourself. This practice allows us to be thankful for what is around us, as well as for ourselves.

If you truly learn how to be appreciative, you will be successful!

There you go my success ninjas!

Ten little, seemingly minor parts, that can be put together to make whole successful you. A morning routine puts the calm in your day and sets the pace for the rest of your waking hours, and even your sleeping hours. You can modify or add to the 10 examples I gave you if some of these things don’t work for you, just don’t take out 1 and 10, as these are the most important ones. However, if your routine needs to include drinking coffee for 10 minutes with your cat on your lap, then do that. It’s your routine, just be sure to make the time and effort.

Your success depends on you!

If you don’t have the time to practice your routine each and every day, then you don’t have the time to be successful. So get up, crush your routine, create a successful day and life, and conquer the world! If you still are having trouble just start with one and try it for a week. Then add another routine the following week and build up. Over 10 weeks you will have installed a new habit that will make you outperform most people. All it takes is action and consistency.

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10 Morning Routines Successful People like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss Do Everyday
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10 Morning Routines Successful People like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss Do Everyday
Simple, routines help us accomplish more. By starting out the right way you create and fuel success from start to finish each and every day.
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  1. santhosh shrivatsav

    October 27, 2017 at 4:48 am

    I took the advice of taking a cold shower in the morning, and boy did it work like a charm! makes me feel alive each time I do it.


  2. Sheik Habibu

    March 3, 2018 at 3:50 am

    Thank you for the great article on the routine of successful people i personally found an eye opener. I will try implement some of the advise you mentioned thanks Gratitude


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