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2017 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions to Stick to

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2017 Beauty Resolutions

As we are wrapping up the year of 2016, it is time to reflect on our past errors and make new decisions that will make the following year better for us, and make us better for the following year. Those New Year’s resolutions will include career, love life, family and friendships, but you shouldn’t neglect your health and beauty. Of course, all of us have, at some point, made beauty sins we regret, but it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf. Here are some beauty resolutions you should stick to (throughout the entire year, and not just in January).

“I’ll Wear Sunscreen Every Day”

If you think that sunscreen is something you should apply only when you’re heading for the beach, you couldn’t be more wrong. Sun affects your skin every time you leave the house and it’s making it age faster and has some even more devastating effects (e.g. skin cancer). You should start applying sunscreen daily from the beginning of the year. Don’t think that clouds and cold weather are protecting you. Reapply it when you are exposed for longer periods of time.

Wear Sunscreen
Image Pixabay , Wear Sunscreen

“I’ll Never Go to Bed with My Makeup on”

This is one of the biggest beauty no-nos there is. No matter how tired you are, you should remove your makeup, cleanse your face and moisturize it before you go to bed. This routine takes only a few minutes, but it can take away years from your skin’s age.

“I’ll Trim Split Ends Regularly”

No, trimming the ends won’t make your hair grow faster, but it will make it look more appealing. Besides, if you leave split ends for months, the next time you visit your hairdresser, they’ll have to cut off more than you have planned.

Trim Split Ends
Image Source: Pixabay, Trim Split Ends

“I’ll Ease up on Blow-Drying”

Overusing heat tools to shape your hair maybe makes your hair look nice that one time, but, eventually, it dries it up and causes breakage. Try to dry your hair naturally, maybe braid it after washing to get a new cool hairstyle, use hair-flattening products or just leave it as it is. It will take a few times to get used to it, but you will notice the change and the healthier appearance of your hair quickly.

“I’ll Take Care of the Around-the-Eyes Skin Area”

You maybe don’t tell your age to people, but your around-the-eyes skin area surely does, and it reveals how tired you are. This area of your face is more delicate since the skin is very thin, so you should stay away from products containing alcohol. Avoid rough-washing and rubbing, and use a separate nourishing eye cream, instead of your face moisturizer.

Care Around Eyes
Image Source: Pixabay, Care Around Eyes

“I’ll Dry Brush Before a Shower”

Do you know Miranda Kerr? Do you know how beautiful she is? Well, one of her not-so-well kept beauty secrets is dry brushing. Dry brushing removes dead skin cells and promotes better circulation, which eventually leads to smooth dimple-free skin. The process is done before a shower, and it is important to moisturize as soon as you’re done showering to get your satin-like top-model-worthy skin.

“I’ll Clean My Makeup Brushes”

Over time, dirt, dust and bacteria accumulate on your makeup brushes making them harmful for your skin and less effective in applying the product. Wash them with soap or shampoo, but remember to rinse them properly and lay them flat to dry so they keep their original shape.

Care for Makeup Brushes
Image Source: Pixabay, Care for Makeup Brushes

“I’ll Dare to Try Bolder Lip”

Bold deep shade lipsticks are all the rage for the last couple of years. Are you one of the girls who haven’t tried this look yet? You are always complementing others and looking at the magazine photos, but you still haven’t dared to wear it. Well, it is about time to change that. Plum would maybe look good on you… or burgundy red… What do you say?

Don’t let these resolutions become only letters on paper, as your last year’s gym membership card. Start practicing them today, and stick to them for years to come.

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