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8 Funny Ways to Get or Stay in Shape

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Find New Ways to Stay in Shape - Hula Hoop

If you’re getting tired of your same ol’ gym routine and want to try some new and fun ways to stay in shape, then this is the guide for you. Try some of these, and you’re not only going to have some crazy fun, but you’re also going to look and feel better than ever before.

Hula Hooping

Who would have ever guessed that this childhood activity burns almost 600 calories an hour? Crazy, right! Hula hooping is so much fun, but it’s also physically intense and you will break some sweat in no time. If you’re new to hula hooping, you can get a weighted hoop that is easier to spin, and you can later upgrade to a lighter one that requires a little more effort to stay up. Pro tip: put on some music for an ultimate experience.


All of you dancers out there who want to lose some weight, join a Zumba class. This type of aerobic workout combines different moves from salsa, merenque and flamenco to provide you with a fun and intense whole body workout. When the music takes you over, you’re not even going to realize you’re working out and toning your legs, core and arms. You can practice Zumba by joining a class or get a DVD you can follow from home.

Pole dancing

Even though it might sound crazy, pole dancing is a great and effective way to stay in shape. You will probably have a good laugh during the first few classes, and trying to look graceful while working the pole can be a lot of fun, but soon you’ll be able to do some impressive spins and moves. Pole dancing builds upper body strength, tones you arms and shoulders and does miracles for your posture and confidence.

Pole Dancing to Say in Shape
Pole Dancing to Say in Shape

Power yoga

If you’ve always wanted to try yoga but found it too slow; why not give power yoga a shot? It’s much faster, more fun and intense, and it focuses more on strength than on meditation. Power yoga gives you more flexibility when it comes to postures and their use, and it’s not even necessary to say that you will break some serious sweat.

Fitness video games

Some good news for video game fans! In fitness video games, you can no longer control your character by simply pressing the buttons- you must use your whole body just as you would in real life. If you choose a running game, you must actually run (in one spot, naturally) to get your character to move and start running. This way of working out is fun, and perfect for playing with your friends. Plus, it’s also a great way to get your kids to exercise. You can play fitness games on consoles such as Xbox 360 Kinect and Nintendo Wii that have a wide variety of such games ranging from athletics, tennis and skiing to some more specialized workout games such as Nike+ Kinect Training.

Skateboarding to Stay in Shape
Skateboarding to Stay in Shape


If you’ve always wanted to be a cool skateboarder, now you have even more reasons to get into this fun activity. Skateboarding will not only tone your legs, but it will also strengthen your core and keep you in great shape overall. No need to learn any tricks to burn calories, you can just cruise through the city or by the beach. All you need for this activity is a good skateboard and a lot of space. You can find some good cruiser skateboards in the United States, so hurry up and hit the streets.

Obstacle-course race

Obstacle races are becoming super popular now because of their tendency to combine fitness, fun and adventure into one full-body workout experience. You will climb walls, jump over different obstacles, navigate through narrow paths and crawl through mud. What a fun ways to work out, right?

Indoor rock climbing

Rock climbing is probably the ultimate strength and balance workout that will get you to burn some serious calories: around 800 calories an hour to be precise. You will constantly need to shift your weight, use your legs to push and arms to pull and you will ultimately exercise all muscles in your body. It’s a great way to have fun, stay fit, build confidence and learn how to overcome obstacles.

After you try some of these activities, you will never even think about stepping into that stuffy gym again. Getting in shape while having fun is so much more inviting.

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8 Funny Ways to Stay in Shape
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8 Funny Ways to Stay in Shape
If you’re getting tired of your same ol’ gym routine and want to try some new and fun ways to stay in shape, then this is the guide for you.
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