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Can Beauty Water Be The Functional Water For Your Skin?

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After the spread of beauty products such as face mist, face spray, hydrating mist and other tested formulations for glowing facial skin, a recent trend which is gaining traction with millennials and generation Z alike is the use of beauty water.

However, the big question remains whether beauty water can be the functional water for your skin?
We’ve heard of functional water brands emerging as steady contenders in the highly competitive packaged water bottle industry across the world. A trend which has been catching up with times is the use of beauty water spray for facial skin which can be applied as a multi-tasking toner or for cleaning make-up.

Beauty water itself comes in various packaging forms ranging from bottle and cap mechanism to containers which spray the misty contents when pressed gently.

So, how safe is it to use beauty water?

While products such as beauty water toners, beauty cleansers, natural beauty water, etc are being used by selected sections of the populace already, reviews from users have been mostly positive barring a few minor instances related to dissatisfaction levels derived from the products.

As beauty water claims to be specially treated water which is sold without harmful additives or risky chemicals we can assume it should go well with a broad range of skin types and age groups.

The product itself is promoted as a creation or improving the texture of your facial skin. Some products include application over the neck area as well for optimal results.

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Let’s weigh the effects these types of water have on our body to know better.


As can be seen from the above data, both functional water and beauty water aim at hydration from the cellular level which supports the resulting benefits.

When sprayed on the face, the water’s properties ensure it moves through the pores and follicles giving tired skin a much needed facial spa. When used regularly, beauty water gives a lasting glow to skin not to mention reduction in wrinkles and dead cells

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What makes beauty water different from tap water?

The primary difference between beauty water and tap water, or sparkling water, or any form of water is the way the molecules are arranged and the minerals which are added to it. Tap water is found to have traces of magnesium, potassium, carbon, calcium etc. However Reverse Osmosis (RO) may not leave any nutrients in water at the end of the day.

Beauty water has all these traces of minerals and in addition has a finer molecular structure which makes it hydrate every cell.

Some experts have said that the higher amount of carbon dioxide in sparkling water may help in refreshing the skin when splashes on the face. While this exfoliating method works well, there are no endorsements about its long term benefits while beauty water’s efficacy has been proven time and again.

So, there we have it. Beauty water definitely does more good than bad for your skin when used periodically. Make sure you run a couple of test doses when you buy your first beauty water bottle and gauge the reaction of your skin. If all goes well, then we can definitely say that beauty water can be called functional water for the face.

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