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Guest Posting Funnel to Grow Blog Traffic

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Guest Posting Funnel Infographic

Are you the owner of a new blog and are frustrated with the lack of viewers who see your posts? Do you want to see active comments and shares, but feel no one even sees your hard work? If so, you are not alone! Many bloggers are looking for ways to generate traffic and build an audience. By using the guest posting funnel, you can be on you way to building a solid traffic stream to your site.

Guest Posting to Gain an Instant Audience

One of the biggest complaints of new bloggers is that they pour their heart and soul into writing great content, but the traffic to their blog is so low that hardly anyone sees it! All this talent simply vanishes into the obscurity of the internet. It is such a tragedy that all of this very useful information being written but the world just never gets to experience it!

Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech was only heard by a handful of civil rights supporters in 1963 instead of 250,000? Would it have as much historical impact? … Would it have had any?

That is the exact concept with guest posting. Don’t just write valuable articles and place it up on your newly created blog so that only a handful of visitors see it. Take some time to also write original articles for other, more established blogs to jump-start the visibility to your site. Find that instant audience on another closely matched, but more established blog.


  1. You already know they are interested in your topic
  2. They are open to follow yours

That is the ideal environment to allow your post to have the greatest impact. It gets many more eyes on your article and significantly increases your chances of generating a new and engaged reader.

Some of you may be thinking, “How does getting visibility of my article on another blog benefit me? Isn’t it just benefiting them?”

Absolutely not! … Not if you unleash the power of the Author Bio!

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Drive Traffic with an Awesome Author Bio

The Author Bio is a hidden, traffic driving gem – yet a critical step that many guest bloggers miss.

What?! How can that be?

It can happen because …

  1. Talking about yourself in the third person feels somewhat creepy
  2. Putting your talents into 2-3 sentences is hard and feels like bragging
  3. Balancing personal info and professional is tricky (Does anyone care that I have a phobia of Karaoke?)
  4. No one reads it anyway, right? (Wrong)
  5. They do not know how to incentivize someone to click on the link to their site

All of these elements cause many to just gloss over this step. This really dilutes the benefit to the guest author as it leads to a low conversion of traffic to their blog.

So how do you write an awesome Author Bio?

  1. Different blogs have different requirements, so pay close attention
  2. To prevent writing a new bio each time you guest post and to make sure you generate the most incentive in each bio, try to lead with your call to action and put the personal info last if you have extra room
  3. Offer a free “something” related to the post. This can be a free report that goes more in-depth on the subject, or even be a somewhat different (but related) topic that can generate interest (and leads!)
  4. If allowed, try not to use your web url, but try to set up a keyword anchor backlink to your website

Example of a Not So Awesome Bio:

Sally Someone loves long walks in the park with her dog and reading romance novels. She also blogs on her site someblog.com.
(Unless the guest post she wrote was about dogs and novels, this bio is “meh” at best.)

Example of an Awesome Author Bio

Sally Someone has been clipping coupons and helping others save money for over ten years. Enter your email today on her money-saving blog to get a free report “7 Secret Ways to Save at the Store” and weekly coupon clipping ideas.

Which of the two options would entice you to click-through to her site?

Capture Leads by Collecting Email Addresses

The next step of the guest posting traffic funnel is to make sure you direct your audience to a very clear landing page. If you are offering a free report on how to grow vegetables indoors, then make certain that the page they click-through not only discusses the free report but very clearly allows them to sign up for it.

The landing page should be clear in its message and free from other distractions such as ads or navigation that takes them away from your blog. The email capture box should be easy to find and clearly state what they are signing up for. The more confident the audience feels in providing you with their email address, the more likely you are to receive a sign up.

Managing sign-ups (subscribes) and unsubscribes to your list can be tricky to maintain and is usually best to work with tools and companies that have automation built right in. This will protect you from being accused of sending unsolicited (spam) email and allow you to focus your time on other more valuable activities.

There are many easy to use tools out there to help with email lead capture. Many tools will also integrate right into common blog platforms such as Word Press. MailChimp allows a “free for life” version and has an easy to-use setup to handle the entire process. This is a great option to get you started with lead capture.

Just be very aware that if you promise a free report and then simply direct them to your homepage where they need to hunt around for the free report or email sign-up, you can guarantee that most of that traffic will be lost and gone forever.

Grow Your Own Targeted Audience

Congratulations! Obtaining your own audience is the ultimate goal. You are receiving targeted traffic from the guest post you wrote and driving them to your site where they become YOUR engaged audience. The more you successfully complete this cycle, the larger the audience becomes that sees the content directly on your blog. Plus, because you have collected their email address in a professionally handled opt-in manner, you have their permission to keep them up to date on your upcoming posts, products you are selling or news that you need to announce.

The secret here is to consistently provide valuable content to keep them connected to your brand. If you peaked their interest while guest posting, then you have the perfect opportunity to continually build that relationship.
Be sure that your email notifications to your growing audience is regular and has a good balance between content and selling. If you get overly promotional, you may lose them. If you post inconsistently, they may forget why they joined your list in the first place.


I hope that this post helps you understand the valuable traffic building funnel of guest posting. The more you share your content with large audience, the more likely you will be in capturing their email and creating your own highly engaged audience. If you would like the opportunity to start guest blogging, be sure to enroll in our Guest Blog Network below.

Also, If you have any other ideas of how guest posting can help generate traffic to your own blog, please be sure to share it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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