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Native American Inspired Home Décor

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When a home emits a certain vibe, there is a sense of uniqueness, a bold statement of your personality and imagination. The Native-American style is making a boom in homes across the world, portraying a warm, powerful image perfect for cozying up by the fire, as well as cocktail nights with friends.

Let’s take a look at some of the most inspiring Native-American décor ideas.

A rustic living room ambiance

The living room is a place you want to spend your leisure times, relaxing, and washing away the day’s problems. There is an increasing need for the living room to be a place you feel most comfortable in, a place of peace and serenity.
rustic living room

A rustic Native-American style will bring peace to both mind and soul with its rustic color palette made of dusty reds, browns, whites, blues, and greens. You might have noticed that these are the colors of nature, and the easiest way to accessorize and paint your room is to balance those colors. Will you opt for the color tones of red soil, a blue river or green oak tree leaves to be the predominant hue of your living room?

The beauty is in the accessories

You can choose a primary color, preferably a solid one, and play with a room’s ambiance by accessorizing and accentuating it with small details. These details can be anything from brightly-colored throw pillows and blankets to figurines, paintings, Native-American wall carpets and wool rugs.
teepee candle
Lighting will also play a key role in bringing out the midwestern American spirit, and adjustable lighting can help you achieve the desired effect. You can also use candles to create the ambiance at night.

A mid-century kitchen

Bringing back the retro look in the kitchen is easier than ever with no need for costly decorating – just a few simple additions to the ambiance. You can de-modernize and bring warmth to the kitchen by introducing a wool rug in front of the countertop area, perfect for cooking barefoot on a sunny day or even in winter.
mid century kitchen
Also, you can switch up the energy-consuming AC and install ceiling fans; they waste less energy and spread the air evenly across the room. Add Native-American accessories to the walls and other elements, such as dreamcatchers, feathery headbands, as well as Native-American paintings and decorated horseshoes.

Making memories

Children spend most of their days dreaming awake and creating the entire worlds inside their developing minds. Their creativity, imagination, and roleplay should be supported and encouraged. One of the prevalent patterns of kids’ behavior is creating a unique universe of their own, in their secluded, tiny space.

Kids usually hide themselves underneath the blankets, inside pillow forts and so on, and one of the best additions to a Native-American inspired home is a teepee in the kids’ bedroom. Cattywampus makes the sweetest teepees that will let your kids dream about big worlds and powerful stories, and create unforgettable memories that they will cherish forever.

Bring the midwestern spirit to your backyard

Decorating your house in a Native-American style is not reserved solely for the inside. If you enjoy being surrounded by this ambiance while in the kitchen or the living room, then there’s no reason why the same design shouldn’t be incorporated outdoors, so you can enjoy the Native American style when you step outside to your backyard or garden.

Continue the vibe by furnishing your patio or balcony with Native-American rugs on a hardwood floor and furniture with throw pillows and blankets. Add accessories where needed and let dream catchers, feathers, and horseshoes hang from the beams. As a finishing touch, add potted plants around the area, such as a beautiful bamboo garden surrounded by various kinds of festive flowers.

The Native-American design is a versatile and dynamic playground of colors, lights, and accessories that, when combined and balanced, bring a unique flare to your home evoking peace, emotions, serenity, and love. Try out some of these inspiring décor ideas yourself and you will definitely fall in love with the Native-American style.

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  1. SideSleeperReviews

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    Oh, the most natural and beautiful style I’ve ever met, just what I needed. Thank you for sharing, if possible let me re-post it on my blog.

    thank for share
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  2. Rohan Mummery

    August 9, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    Love the use of the rustic colours and natural materials like the stone fire place! beautiful!

    Thanks for the read


  3. Betty Potter

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