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Electric Wax Warmers – An Alternative to Burning Candles

Do you ever have occasions where you would like to bring the scent of a candle into your home, but cannot want use open flame to release the scent? Instead of foregoing the candle all together, an electric candle warmer is a safe and healthy alternative to open flame.

What is a Electric Wax Warmer?

A wax warmer (also know as a candle warmer) is an electric appliance that that melts scented candle wax, deeply releasing the candle’s fragrance without a flame. Traditional candle warmers heat a jar candle from the bottom, slowly releasing scent from the candle. This method takes some time to complete because the entire candle needs to be melted before the scent is released. Other types of warmers use a specially designed Halogen bulb to heat the jar candle from the top, releasing the scent within minutes. Depending on the style, either place a jar candle in, under or on top of the electric candle warmer and the candle will melt, releasing the candle’s fragrance into your home.

What are the benefits?

There are several reasons why a wax warmer may be a good approach to releasing scent into your home. First, because electric wax warmers do not require an open flame, they are much safer than traditional candles. Second, because the candle or wax stays clean, this prevents the soot, smoke damage and indoor air pollution that is produced by burning candles making – it a healthy choice. Lastly, the candles will last longer because they are not being burnt off, making candle warmers an economical choice as well.

Are there any other considerations?

For most wax warmers, jar candles will be needed to prevent the wax from melting onto the warmer itself. If you prefer to use wax melts, wax chips, tarts, potpourri, etc. then be sure to use an Illumination Fragrance Warmer which contains a tray to hold these items. Lastly, if you utilize candle warmers to release the scent of the candle you will get many uses of the candle. Because it is not being burnt off, the only way you will tell that the candle has reached it end of use will be when you notice the scent diminishing.

Electric wax warmers are a safe and economical approach to providing fragrance to your home. Hopefully this information will help you decide if they are right for you.

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