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The Relationship Between Oral Health & Overall Health is Closer Than You Think

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Oral Health & General Health

If you have poor oral health, you may believe that this will only lead to tooth decay. However, poor oral health can also have a devastating impact on your general health. In addition, poor health can contribute to a decline in your oral health.

Oral Health And Diabetes

There are many systemic diseases that have poor oral health as an early warning sign. For example, diabetes has one of the strongest relationships between the mouth and the rest of the body. The body develops less of an ability to control blood sugar after the body experiences inflammation of the mouth. When the body is suffering from inflammation, this interferes with the ability of the body to use insulin.

Gum Disease

The human mouth acts as a vehicle for infections. Gum disease results from bacteria building up in your mouth. This makes the gums more likely to suffer from an infection. The inflammation that is caused by gum disease releases chemicals that can cause problems with the rest of the body. Fortunately, with a good oral health regimen that includes the proper oral devices, you can keep your oral health under control.

Cardiovascular Disease

Another common disease that is often associated with poor oral health is cardiovascular disease. There is an association between the number of teeth that a patient has and the likelihood that he or she will suffer from a heart attack. Taking better care of your heart, such as by taking probiotics, can also help improve your oral health.

Those with moderate or advanced gum disease are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. While there is clearly a relationship between heart disease and gum disease, more research needs to be performed before it is known for certain exactly what that relationship is.

Risk Factors In Common

Risk factors that can lead to poor oral health are also risk factors for other health problems. For example, the following factors:

  • Diet
  • Hygiene
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco

can contribute to poor oral health and can also contribute to health problems for the rest of the body. For a patient who is suffering from poor oral health, it is time to look at the patient’s lifestyle to see if any lifestyle factors may contribute to the patient suffering from poor oral health.

Because of the link between poor oral health and general health, it is important that you visit a doctor when your dentist discovers that you are experiencing poor oral health. Your oral decay may be the result of other health problems or your oral decay may be causing other health problems.



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