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Things Worth Spending More On in Order to Save More

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Spend More to Save More

For frugal people like me, life is all about scoring the best deals. Bargain shopping comes second nature to me. I buy designer clothes from past seasons at discount stores, purchase in bulk at the market when certain things like pasta sauce go on sale and know all the local bar’s daily food specials by heart. I pride myself on my penny-pinching and ability to save money to put towards things like vacations or occasion shopping splurges. But, not everything you buy for a marked down price saves you money in the long run. Here are some items that you should definitely indulge in…

Things Worth Splurging On to Save in the Long Run

Your Bed

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I LOVE BED. It’s where I wrote 90% of my college essays, binge watch my favorite shows on Netflix and where I catch those Zzz’z I need so badly to look my best even at those dreaded 8 AM meetings. So, it only makes sense that your mattress, pillows and sheets are comfy, cozy and luxurious. The higher the thread count in those sheets, the better your hair and skin will look…seriously!

Cheap mattresses also hurt your neck and back (which can cost you over time.)


College debt is never something we’d wish upon even our worst enemy. Considering Americans are in $1.26 trillion in debt from student loans, it’s no surprise that some people are cutting higher education from their budgets entirely. But, I have to warn against eliminating learning from your itinerary. Although college is a great way to jumpstart your career, it’s mostly essential for learning how to manage your finances (which will help you in the future as you finagle house or car payments, pay for weddings or babies, etc.) and helps you cope with time management. But, for those who don’t want to pile on the college debt, education can be found through taking other courses, going to museums or traveling.

Good Leather Boots

High quality shoes will last years. Having nice leather boots will be durable for several winters. Think about it, you can buy a pair of cheap $50 plastic boots that will last less than one cold season after they get tore up in salt and snow. Or, you can buy $200 or more boots that you could potentially sport for decades (assuming they are classic styles that stay in fashion.) Even if the high-quality boots don’t stand the test of style’s time, they will stay intact enough that they be in “just like new” shape by the time they roll back into the fashion magazines. Talk about value.

A Good Coffee Maker

For caffeine addicts like me, I could probably drink up to 4 cups of joe a day. But, if those cups are coming at a premium, that can cost at least $50 a week at minimum. Within a month, a daily Starbucks patron would pay off the cost of even the most top of the line french press, Keurig or traditional pot. Just think about that next time you’re hankering for a pick-me-up.

Underwear & Bras

Have you ever bought a pair of $3 panties from H & M only to have them get a hole in them before you even take the tag off? Or, had the discomfort of a cheap bra’s wire make you unable to focus at work? If so, you might already know the true value associated with more upscale undergarments. Plus, high quality underwear and bras will make you look better in your clothes. Therefore, it’ll help you become more comfortable in your skin.


Millennials are finally starting to realize that spending money on experiences ins benefiting them way more than on material items. It used to be that we worked ourselves to death to have luxury cars, houses and threads. These days, most of us have that “YOLO” mindset and really want to make the most of our lives. We want to take a dip in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, we want to kiss underneath the Eiffel Tower and we want to make memories that fill our hearts (and Instagram feeds) with wanderlust.

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  1. Eric Gamble

    November 7, 2016 at 7:16 pm

    I definitely believe in spurging on experiences! When it comes to stuff, we learned after hurricane Katrina here in New Orleans that stuff is just stuff and can always be replaced but you will always have your memories of great experiences
    Eric Gamble recently posted…It’s Fall Y’all Give-a-Way TimeMy Profile


  2. developbysj

    January 10, 2017 at 6:28 am

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  4. Heather Scott

    September 4, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    Nice idea for an article, but I think the range of items to improve on was too broad. It would be more useful if it was 5 items to improve upon for your career, or all items about better clothing (beyond bras and boots), etc. Nicely written as is, at any rate.


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