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Tracy Weber
Tracy Weber – owner of janet & clarence

My Grandparents, Janet and Clarence Drasch, owned a garden center for more than 30 years in Milwaukee, WI. The years I spent visiting there were some of my fondest memories of them. I respect their entrepreneurial spirit, their love of plants and nature and their down-to-earth work ethic. Hoping to keep that spirit alive, I create my work in their memory.

I am an MBA graduate, with a BFA in Graphic Communications. I have worked as an artist, an IT professional and now lead teams of Application Developers and Architects. I see the digital space from an artistic, business and IT perspective and feel that I can provide value in all areas.

I want my work as an artist and my role as a leader to help others lead fulfilling lives. I hope to inspire others to accomplish their goals and be happy.

Lastly, I want my work here to drive connections among us. I hope you will visit often and add your stories as well.

~ Live Beautifully ~


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