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Breathtaking Meme Quote About Commitment

Meme Quote About Commitment
Meme Quote About Commitment
Meme Quote About Commitment

Today’s Meme Quote About Commitment

“You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.” – Sammy Davis Jr.

Do you have a goal? Are you working hard, but it feels unreachable or unobtainable at times? If it does, use this inspirational meme to give you the courage to move forward. Go on, take the next step! If you need support, reach out to your friends and family to help you stay positive and focused on staying committed to your goal. Don’t let fear stop you.

If you are struggling to stay committed, then surprisingly, you may not be as fully committed as you need to be. I found a very interesting article regarding being fully committed to a goal and why some people seem to commit much easier. Have you ever heard of the 100% rule? It simply means that working 99% on something is hard – 100% is easy.

Author Susie Moore writes about the 100% rule in her article, “The 100 per cent rule: The simple advice that changed my life.” She identifies three components of the rule.

  1. Identify what specifically needs 100% of your attention – Not all parts of your life needs 100% commitment, but if you look deep within you, your heart knows what does – That little voice will tell you!
  2. Put in the effort – Doing something 99% is exhausting. Why? Because it weighs on your mind. It allows you to waver and skip out “once in a while.” This leads to a never-ending cycle of non-commitment. 100% means no wavering, no excuses!
  3. Repeat (Repeatedly) – “True happiness is the joy we experience when we move toward our potential.” The guilt is gone, which leaves more room to commit to your goal.

Give the 100% rule a chance and see if your commitment grows and your guilt and fear declines. I would love to hear your stories of committing to a goal or overcoming fear below!

Thanks for reading – be sure to share this meme quote about commitment with someone you care about!


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5 Super Scary & Sexy Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Scary Sexy Halloween Makeup

I don’t know about you, but my daughter told me today that she thought Halloween is already in the air. It was so funny, because I was thinking the very same thing! If you love Halloween as much as we do, then I bet it has started to come to your mind as well. She and I bond over horror movies and setting up her scary look each year. For to me though, as much as I love to be scary, I always wanted to still look glam and sexy as well. As I was browsing for ideas tonight, I came across these 5 scary sexy Halloween makeup tutorials to help you decide your look. I hope you find one that fits your idea of Halloween fun!

1. Skulls – Who doesn’t think skulls and skeletons are a great way to celebrate the season. I think Chrisspy’s look is very glamorous, yet scary as well. Check out her channel for so many other scary sexy Halloween looks!

2. Zombies – LOVE this. This reminds me of when my daughter couldn’t live without her Monster High dolls. Super cute, yet brings the scare factor into the holiday. Check out this look.

3. Clowns – Yikes! Who isn’t afraid of clowns? This tutorial is so great because it shows both a “his” and a “hers” version, so you can have a coordinated look with your date this Halloween.

4. Bride of Frankenstein – So distinctive! This scary sexy Halloween makeup look brings a vintage approach to the night. We all know her and fear her. This is a very modern look to a classic character.

5. Broken Dolls – Dolls are always creepy and will always fit right in with the season. I like this version because it gives it a modern twist with the half-face approach. Very glam yet creepy for the season.

There it is! 5 Super Scary Sexy Halloween Makeup Tutorials. I hope this gives you inspiration to find the perfect costume for this year’s holiday.

Do you have any other great looks to share? Let me know in the comments below. I love seeing the ideas.

Thanks for reading,


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