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Is Perfectionism Holding You Back?

Don't let perfectionism hold you back
Don't let perfectionism hold you back
Resist Perfection and See the Good

While out walking with a friend, I came across a flower bed with a few interesting arrangements. I quickly took a photo and we went on our way. I had no expectations of the photo and I actually forgot I took the shot… Until I looked through my camera and saw the vibrant colors. I loved it, but I also saw was it was a bit fuzzy. I tried to post it to my Instagram account three times, but chickened out each time. I will admit, this image sent me on a journey of managing my emotions as my perfectionism nearly held me back.

This image is not quite in focus. I tried to fix it with filters. I tried to crop it and hide the flaw. I even drove back hours later to try to recreate the shot, but unfortunately the lighting was no longer cooperating. I pondered… Do I dare share this image despite the flaw? Or do I discard it because it is not 100% perfect.

Why was Perfectionism Holding Me Back?

With today’s world of perfectly polished “life” showing up on our social media feeds, it is easy to feel held to an unrealistic standard. Is your table perfectly set? Dinner plates garnished? Does your yard look like a magazine? Are your children professionally photographed for each milestone? No!? Then you must doing something wrong …

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3 Steps to Stop Feeling Too Busy

Bumblebee on Flower
How to Stop feeling too busy - Bumblebee on Flower
Bumblebee Hard at Work

While walking through the park the other day, I came across this group of busy bees feverishly pollinating the flowers around them. It made me think of all the “busy work” we do each day, and how it can start to make us feel unfulfilled. Do you ever feel this way? If so, do you wonder how can you stop feeling too busy? Thinking through the following three areas has helped me focus on spending more time on the important things in life. Will it help you?

1 – Separate What You Find Important from What Others Find Important.

It may feel awkward and it may be hard to say no at first, but if you can determine what is truly important to you, it gets easier to focus your time.

For example, I had the Booster club lady “volunteer” me to work concessions at a Basketball game, as it is “important” to fund the team. While my son finds basketball important and he is committed, I truthfully do not find working concessions important at all ( but I’m glad others do ?). I declined the offer … So she just requested I donate a case of ketchup instead! DONE!

Staying true to what I felt was important saved me an entire Saturday afternoon, and I helped the team. You also can free up time by being mindful about who and what you commit to.

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Hibiscus Close-up Flower Inspiration

Rain Drenched Hibiscus
Hibiscus Close-up for Inspiration
Hibiscus Close-up for Inspiration

After taking some time to reflect on the beauty within the flowers and nature in my garden, I captured this hibiscus close-up image after a rain shower. It has led me to take many more photos and I have decided to pick up a paint brush after 10+ years! I am both excited and unexpectedly intimidated to pick up the brush. I hope I still have it in me…

This delicate Hibiscus image is one I posted to my Instagram account It reflects a hint of  one of my influential artists, Georgia O’Keefe. I think this is a great image to focus my efforts.

The canvas has been prepared and I have applied the sketch… I now look forward to putting the acrylic to the surface and seeing how much rust I need to shake off. ?

If nature inspires your creativity, please share your work with me here. I would love to see it!

– Tracy

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