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Hibiscus Close-up Flower Inspiration

Rain Drenched Hibiscus
Hibiscus Close-up for Inspiration
Hibiscus Close-up for Inspiration

After taking some time to reflect on the beauty within the flowers and nature in my garden, I captured this hibiscus close-up image after a rain shower. It has led me to take many more photos and I have decided to pick up a paint brush after 10+ years! I am both excited and unexpectedly intimidated to pick up the brush. I hope I still have it in me…

This delicate Hibiscus image is one I posted to my Instagram account It reflects a hint of  one of my influential artists, Georgia O’Keefe. I think this is a great image to focus my efforts.

The canvas has been prepared and I have applied the sketch… I now look forward to putting the acrylic to the surface and seeing how much rust I need to shake off. ?

If nature inspires your creativity, please share your work with me here. I would love to see it!

– Tracy

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