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You Can’t Even Imagine This Love Yourself Meme

Remember to Love Yourself - janet & clarence
Love Yourself Meme
Love Yourself Meme

“Don’t forget to love yourself.” – Soren Kierkegaard

The uplifting words of this love yourself meme are meant to help you or someone you care about take some time each day to practice self acceptance. Look closely within to see what is important to you and make an effort to spend quality time doing those things you love.

What are the three components of loving yourself?

  1.  Take Care of Your Mind: Rid yourself of self-doubt, refuse negative self-talk  and reaffirm your gratitude for the good parts about you and your life.
  2. Take Care of Your Body: Practice healthy habits such as eating more natural, healthy foods, rejuvenate yourself with regular exercise, make sure you are getting enough rest and separation from stressors (such as work or devices). Do not rely on fad diets, quick-fix approaches or stimulants to keep your body in motion as the stress will reduce your ability for inner peace.
  3. Take Care of Your Spirit: This statement can mean different things to different people. Some may focus on faith, others may find a connection with nature, or even just focus on inner peace. Find the “things” in life that are meaningful to you. Remove the “things” in life that hold you back. Seek support from others to help you remove the negative things in from your life if it seems too difficult to do on your own.

Mind, Body, Spirit. These three things are discussed in more detail in the post by Z. Hereford, “Love Yourself or the Art of Self- Acceptance.” I recommend you read further if you would like more detail on loving yourself.

Lastly, if you struggle to find the time to practice inner love, take a moment to read my post on being less busy. I hope it can help you find more time to do things you enjoy.

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